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Meet Our Entrepreneurs

The Incubator has been home to many different startups over the past several years. Whether design, tech, communications or business, all of our startups, past and present, have developed along their own terms before graduating. Check out the list of startups who have called Gaming Inc. their home.

Current Entrepreneurs

Embodia Academy offers educational courses for all health disciplines, helping you improve your knowledge and patient outcomes

Game Scorpion Inc. specializes in 2D/3D/AR/VR/Mobile Apps and Games, as well as software consulting, serving clients locally and internationally.

LinkMentalHealth is an online platform that connects people to mental health services that best fits their needs. is Canada’s top online wine store and wine club, servicing consumers from across the country. Customers can choose from over 1000 high quality Canadian wines and spirits in our marketplace for direct shipment to their home or office.

Mighty Yell Studios is a video game development studio in Toronto and Montreal making The Big Con!
No Sleep is a game development studio with a mix of programming and artistic talent. Our goal is to create games focused on player customization, to play the way they want. With a focus on appealing to both the competitive gamer and the social gamer, our multiplayer experiences offer a play style for everyone. As a young team with roots in Toronto we want to be involved in the local community, with aspirations to find an audience worldwide. Most importantly we are all gamers ourselves. The games we make are the ones we want to play, and with feedback from the community in mind throughout development we strive to make games with our players’ input at the forefront. We are No Sleep, sit down and play.

Reform Reality is building a tool to help the fashion industry discover and utilize the technology of augmented reality as well as assisting them in their recommendation and prediction process through the use of artificial intelligence.

Regularly Scheduled Programming is an indie game studio making games that provide memorable and meaningful experiences developed by alumni from the Game Design program at George Brown College.

STAN A.I. is the world’s first property management assistant for condominiums powered by artificial intelligence.

Think Dirty is a mobile-first, social commerce platform that empowers ingredient-conscious beauty shoppers to shop safest products.

Voila Learning is an ed-tech organization that creates solutions using Virtual Reality, apps, gamification around language learning.

Alumni Entrepreneurs

6Sensmatic Inc. is a Toronto based digital marketing agency, dedicated to serve professionals and small business.

13AM Games created RUNBOW, a multi player racing video game. The team at 13AM Games are alumni of George Brown College’s Game Design program.  Coming from many diverse backgrounds – from creative advertising to engineering to film – they now get to spend their days building games that are as fun to play as they are to design.

Albedo Informatics Inc. is a Toronto based meta-gaming start-up with a focus on mobile, locative, augmented reality and social gaming.

Ambara Games is an indie studio based in Toronto. We focus on creating games as a community rather than as individuals. Ambara reflects the Toronto gaming scene in this sense, as we’re a studio focused on supporting and encouraging new developers interested in shaping the gaming world.

Aspiring Fires Inc. is an independent game development studio that creates fun, free-to-play mobile entertainment.

Basement Aspirations has created Lower App to change the way you shop for items you love.

Berq Capital works with earl stage green technology startups to commercialize.

Clausehound is the internet’s most highly annotated legal library. They help emerging and small businesses access fundamental legal agreements at an affordable price.

Careerleaf is building a career ecosystem that is changing the face of job search, by delivering an experience that improves the competitiveness of candidates and partners. Careerleaf’s co-branded candidate experience consists of powerful tools and services that are optimized for job search on mobile or web. Careerleaf is founded by an experienced team of technology and recruitment professionals with a burning desire to make things better.

Clear Life Magazine‘s key mandate is to highlight ideas, services and products that connect readers, participants, and customers with the environment they live in, with the goal to nurture bodies, and spirits, and to cultivate a healthy and inspired life that protects people and the planet in a sustainable, responsible way.

Cloudburst Interactive is an upcoming indie developer studio that is going to change the way multiplayer games are played competitively and technologically.  Our upcoming title is going to bring the best of car combat and first person shooter together in a massive online experience.

Comfable is a dynamic and innovative tech company dedicated to promoting health, comfort, and sustainability.

Counter Design Studio is a Toronto based creative communications studio with expertise that extend across environment spaces, traditional and emerging media. They help clients amplify their value and successfully reach their target audience through engaging, articulate communication.

Design Create Play is a full-service web design firm enabling clients to realize their ideas from conception to reality. We are a web 3.0 startup that focuses on providing a platform that allows companies to design, build, and deploy web/mobile applications and games with ease. Our founding members have real-world experience in the video game industry, having built commercially successful games such as Dirty Dancing Romance Resort (Facebook, Lionsgate) and Over the Rainbow (Android/iOS, CBC).

Dex Labs is the creator of a high precision hands free controller for gaming consoles that gives you the best experience ever while playing first person shooter games.

Finish Line Games is an indie video game studio based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2013 by a team of veteran game developers, Finish Line Games’ mission is to create fast-paced and fun games that appeal to a variety of gamers.

Future Immersive (formerly VR Star Games) created Furious Sea, a multiplayer game that can be played with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Future Immersive is an up-and-coming independent developer of high-end virtual reality games and experiences.

Giveffect is the leading crowdfunding platform for charitable fundraising. Whether you are a charity, change-maker or a corporation that wants to give back – Giveffect’s got you covered.

Hoods Guru is developing a mobile app to help users discover things to do in their city based on the mood that they’re in.  They also offer businesses a platform to connect with the mobile generation and advertise their local events. is a virtual reality training tool that improves verbal communication skills. They combine virtual reality and data science to simulate the sensation of speaking in front of a live audience and generate metrics related to their performance.

Kuchnier Interactive Entertainment is a game developer company. They develop games for all ages that are intuitive and fun to play including Shotgun Larry.

The Mod Market is a B2B, Software as a Service that is offering the first marketing and sales technology tailored to the aftermarket automotive industry. We are revolutionizing the way part manufacturers and retail shops sell product to their customers through our fully customizable, 3D vehicle modification platform.

NodeBB is a next-generation discussion platform that utilizes web sockets for instant interactions and real-time notifications. NodeBB forums have many modern features out of the box such as social network integration and streaming discussions.

Onno’s work focuses on interactive systems, augmented reality applications, exhibition design, and installation design.

Pro Gaming League (PGL) is an eSport organization that brings together competitive console and PC gamers, to compete and socialize in an online community and live events for prizes. Founded in 2012, our goal is to become the largest eSport organization in North America and bring eSports to the forefront of modern day competition.

Peekapak is a monthly subscription pack for kids ages 3 to 7, delivered to a family’s home each month.  Each pack contains an illustrated storybook that features the Peekapak Pals, a cast of recurring characters who guide children through interactive adventures, engaging crafts with all the required materials and educational tidbits.

Phyxable develops self-help video solutions that empower individuals to manage their pain and injuries.

Property Spark helps realtors build their business on social media by letting them reach thousands of buyers and sellers in minutes.

Rockets To The Moon develops virtual reality and augmented reality experiences to inspire, educate and engage.

Sage Care uses technology to provide great home care for seniors.Their mission is to help seniors age in a safe and comfortable environment by providing them with great, trusted caregivers and using technology to help families stay in the loop.

Secret Team Games is a small passionate indie studio working on their first project Impact, a post-apocalyptic vehicular survival game for macOS and PC.

Snowball Inc. creates high-quality, custom-themed, smartphone games to help promote small businesses.

Speax Inc. offers a unique learning experience for adult consumers wanting to acquire a new language. The emphasis is on using the new language for a purpose, rather than studying it, or memorizing words and phrases in isolation.